Dutch fantasise about new lives elsewhere

24 August 2006

AMSTERDAM - Holidays, winning the lottery and sex with their ex-partners are the most popular day-dream fantasies of the Dutch, according to a new survey

For a good 80 percent, daydreams go beyond vacations to encompass a completely new life.

The findings, from interviews with a thousand men and women between 18 and 65, are published in the September issue of Psychologie magazine.

"Every 90 minutes our minds drift away, according to laboratory research. That means a lot of fantasy every day,” said editor Heleen Peverelli.

The Psychologie survey found the most popular fantasies are about travel, vacationing and emigration.

At least 94 percent of Netherlanders fantasise about these topics. Spain, the South of France and Tuscany are the most popular imaginary destinations.

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